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6.7 Basic kitchen opening and closing checks template

The Meadows Pre School (name of provider)

This form is for small early years settings providing snacks and/or packed lunches only. Settings providing full meals should use Safer Food Better Business opening and closing checks.

Enter a tick √ and initial if satisfactory. Enter X and initial if not satisfactory and make a note below. Add action taken and if problem is resolved, sign and date.


Opening checks date:
Personal hygiene:
  • Hands washed.
  • Clean apron.
  • Hair tied back.
  • Working properly.
  • Temperature checked – record temps.
  • Raw and cooked food separate.
  • Separate containers for shared fridge.
Appliances working:
  • Cooker.
  • Microwave.
  • Kettle.
  • Blender.
  • Dishwasher.
Cloths clean:
  • Dish.
  • Surface.
  • T-towels.
Children’s food allergies checked (see list).
Food fresh and in-date.

Packed lunches checked and used within 4 hours of preparation.

No physical or chemical or pest contamination of stored food.
Closing checks date:
Unused food put away correctly.
Leftover food and past sell-by-date food discarded.
Crockery and utensils washed up and put away dry.
Rubbish removed/bin cleaned.
Dirty cloths removed for washing and replaced.
Work surface clean and disinfected.
Floors clean.

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Action taken





Further guidance

  • Safer Food Better Business (Food Standards Agency 2011)